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Preferred Access to Mystery Shopping Programs

Sensors Quality Management Inc. (SQM) is a Toronto based company which assists organizations in improving their customer experience, by providing the truth. SQM offers its world-wide clientele a variety of programs and services, including: Mystery Shopping, Quality / Service Assurance, Market Research, and Online Feedback.

Sysco customers can choose the Mystery Shopping Program that best meets their needs, such as regular scheduled visits with customized evaluation forms or a less structured program using our most popular industry checklists.

Of particular interest to Sysco customers, will be access to an innovative program that SQM is now offering, which allows you to complete Mystery Shops, without incurring the traditional fees associated with such a program.  Known as SQM's No Fee Mystery Shopping Program these inspections are completed at no cost to you, other than the expenses (i.e. food, beverages, gratuity, and taxes).   Since there are no inspection fees, you can complete as many Mystery Shops as you would like, to:

1.  Monitor brand standards
2.  Measure quality and service levels
3.  Prepare for corporate or government inspections
4.  Reduce incidents of cash or liquor control violations
5.  Assist with Risk Management
6.  Keep staff motivated
7.  Generate additional sales
8.  Obtain additional insight for decision making
9.  Gain a competitive edge in the marketplace

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